Our Specialisms

The Properteers Group’s specialism lies within maximising value and profitability through our vast knowhow in planning law, creative construction methodologies and sales teams. We deploy in-house construction and project management professionals, utilising modern technologies to afford us tight control of the development process.

We begin our project with our exit in mind, and also specialise in creating collaboration in sales in order to secure the most profitable exit for our projects at a favourably early stage. We have history in forging relationships with local authorities, asset owners and investors on a global scale, and have extensive experience of catering for investors seeking to enter into the UK market.

We are meticulous in our approach and efficient in our delivery – the Group is led by senior leaders who have broad experience in consistently delivering large scale multi-million-pound projects. Our focus in exiting profitably and exiting early in the project life-cycle affords us a platform which delivers results via our robust end-to-end ecosystem. We are immensely proud of this achievement.

Our iterative approach has enabled us to continually improve our infrastructure. This has allowed us to provide our partners with efficient results whilst maintaining our Shariah-compliant ethics.

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