The Team

For us we have two non-negotiables in life: integrity and capability. These are the foundations with which we have built our team and selected our partners.

Equity Partners

Babrul Matin Chief Executive

Babrul’s career started as a management consultant in education. As a qualified school inspector, he specialised in turning around failing inner-city schools. He took this experience to international settings before starting his property journey from the purchase of one flat. Organically, through trial and error, his experiences evolved to larger multi-unit commercial developments. This enabled him to attain a wealth of experience and knowledge in the process.

Babrul is regarded as an influencer in the Islamic real estate space and has established an inner circle of key relationships. He has pioneered Islamic frameworks in his development schemes, consistently meeting the needs of the growing desire of the community to invest in Shariah compliant structures. He is highly sought after by both private and institutional funders both at home and abroad, all of whom seek his strategic guidance when investing in property ventures. He is also approached with ongoing opportunities for deals, coaching and public speaking.

Babrul has built a reputation for being trusted as a result of delivering to promise, attracting ongoing opportunities with both equity and asset owners alike. He has been able to attract and compel major world-class talent to build his current team – a team that pride themselves on capability, integrity and efficiency.

Hassan Miah Chief Technical Officer

Hassan has professional pedigree in real estate investment and construction spanning two decades. He has over ten years of experience within local council where he played strategic roles in housing and neighbourhood positions. He also has extensive experiences in UK planning law and the construction industry; he has lead on the build and development on numerous signature projects in the form of four London hotels and thirty-three residential projects.

Hassan’s experiences in local authority, planning and construction brings considerable development nous to the Properteers Group board – with his prolific track record, he is an invaluable asset to the team and provides comfort to our investors. He is known for his interpersonnal skills and remarkable ingenuity in accelerating the efficiency of our project delivery programmes.

Hilal Sheikh Chief Operation Officer

Hilal is an English corporate lawyer with extensive international real estate experience including Morocco, Turkey and the sub-continent. He has a particular passion for Islamic Finance and holds a Masters in Islamic Finance and Business Law. His expertise has seen him play a vital role in prominent circles amongst UK banking and government think-tanks in pioneering Islamic financial products for the community in Britain and Europe.

Hilal has restructured large client portfolios and converted them into Shariah compliant collaterals. He has created innovative and complex commercial frameworks for Fintech and EdTech businesses. As a legal counsel, Hilal advises a number of high-profile clients including a Central Asian mining company with a prospective valuation of $2bn, as well as the owner of a UK regional airport.

Adeel Ahmad Strategic Alignment & Major Breakthroughs Officer

Adeel holds over fifteen years of experience in tech, encompassing multiple industries, including FSI.  He has been a major contributor to causing paradigm shifts within industries.  He is an award-winning pioneer in his field, currently serving as VP, Platform Engineering for a major investment bank.  He is known to cause dynamic disruption in thought-process with a rippling effect felt across the bank.

A sought-after world-class talent, Adeel is an advocate of cognitive diversity; he brings unique perspectives to the construction industry as a whole.  His experience in applying agile methodology at an organisational level will change how we operate in real estate development. His vision is to democratise the principles of iteration, fail-fast, and exponential growth in velocity at an industry level. This enables us to be thought-leaders in this space.

Advisory Board

Anand Pandurangi

Anand is a former advisor to family offices, specialising in oil and gas trade – a veteran of over 30 years’ experience across 40 countries around the world. Anand is hugely charitable and has led large-scale philanthropic endeavours around the world to support the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled. He is a close friend of the Properteers Group, extending his generosity to support our team in the form of experience and foresight. He is forging strategic alliances with his vast network of associates around the globe in creating win-win partnerships with our Group.

Farid Ahmed

Farid is an ex-PWC partner and over the past decade has led the establishment of a fast-growing consultancy conglomerate from the UAE. An important long-term strategic partner and friend of the Properteers Group, Farid is forging calculated relationships across the Middle East, Africa and Asian regions for sustained long-term, large-scaled investment infrastructure between his company the Virtus Group and us, the Properteers Group.

Mohammed Hanif

Hanif is a chartered accountant by profession and has specialised in the arrangement of private finance for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clientele for over two decades,. He is well regarded amongst investor circles and has privy to exclusive opportunities in Real Estate disposal and acquisition. Hanif has a long-standing friendship with the Properteers Group and willingly offers his services as an advisor and dealmaker for our infrastructure.

Professional Team

Nasser Albalkhi

A world class project controller, Nasser has 20 over years’ experience in project management and project control at the highest level. He has led mega projects in housing, hospitals, malls and infrastructure projects up to the size of $2 billion.

He is an expert in preparing project management plans to ensure projects are delivered to time, budget and quality by devising customised systems of project control. He has established proven systems for ensuring project delivery, He is the embodiment of efficiency and automation, a big advocate of innovation in construction and has built our software for controlling and monitoring our project performance and reporting systems.

Abdullah Al Jassem

Abduallah has vast experience in the architectural and design industry, ranging from interior design and architecture, to project coordination, management and liaison.

Abdullah has international project experiences, having worked on the prestigious Burj Khalifa area in Dubai as well as a range of high-profile office, retail outlets and private dwellings in the UAE, UK and US.

Abdullah will ensure the design and finishing of our product to market is exceptional and renowned for quality.

Leanne Gunns

Leanne has vast experience at a senior level of finance and management accounting, specifically within the construction and real estate industry. In conjunction with specialist tax advisors, Leanne ensures that we remain compliant, financially efficient and tax efficient. She enriches the Properteers Group with her exceptionall skills in tight financial control to enhance project performance.

Tahmid Akthar

Tahmid is a branding and storytelling specialist with extensive experience in copywriting, researching and producing media innovations for impact. For the past decade he has honed his craft within the creative industry, leading work with large international brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Nike and the Bleacher Report amongst many others. Tahmid is a valuable asset to the Properteers Group, and is a hidden-gem within our inner circle to materialise impact and efficiency in our sales and marketing activities.