The Team

A company is a formation of people. We pride ourselves being an assembly of incredible people and
consequently we attract Tier 1 and World Class calibre of professionals as our friends and allies. Our
criteria of selection are two-fold without compromise: we seek integrity and capability.

Equity Partners

Babrul Matin Chief Executive

Babrul’s career started as a management consultant in education. He took this experience to international settings before starting his property journey from the purchase of one flat in Peckham, London. Organically, through trial and error, his experiences evolved to larger multi-unit commercial developments, attaining a wealth of experience and know-how in the process. Babrul is sought by private and institutional funders globally, pursuing strategic guidance when investing in UK property ventures. He has built a reputation for being trusted as a result of delivering results, attracting ongoing opportunities with both equity and asset owners alike. He has been able to attract and compel major world-class talent to build his current team.

Adeel Ahmad Non-Executive Director Strategic Lead

Adeel holds over fifteen years of experience in tech, spanning across multiple industries, including FSI. He has been a major contributor to causing paradigm shifts within industries. He is known to cause dynamic disruption in thought- process with a ripple effect. A sought-after world-class talent, Adeel is an advocate of cognitive diversity, and brings unique perspectives to the construction industry as a whole. His experience in applying agile methodology at an organisational level will change how we operate in real estate development.

Team Senior Leaders

Zahir Iqbal Internal Legal Counsel

Zahir is a Senior Advocate in Commercial Real Estate and Dispute Resolution. His expertise encompasses managing all aspects of a litigation process from interviewing witnesses and writing briefs to clarifying and interpreting law. He possess a deep understanding of commercial and property litigation with extensive experiences in shareholder & partnership disputes, debt recovery, injunctions, insolvency litigation, while remaining up-to-date on litigation law and practice. He is equipped with well-developed analytical skills and ability to troubleshoot complex deal structuring matters for the Properteers Group.

Peter Swain Lead Architect

Peter is our lead architect, he has established a reputable firm in London for over 20 years.
Peter has extensive understanding of planning and construction regulations, along with his ability to translate design into the built form. As lead designer, he coordinates with other specialists to ensure a cohesive, unified and environmentally friendly projects.

Calibre & Quality

Rahat Hussain IT & Web Development

Rahat is an important implementer of innovation and technology, actualising our vision for Extreme Efficiency. He has single-handedly built the Properteers website, for which we have received accolades from an international audience. He has worked across a variety of environments, including large corporate companies, design agencies and freelancing, gaining a range of skills in website and digital development in each role. Rahat is a technically gifted developer and has a strong command of the core frontend languages and has established fundamental web development skills – giving us a strong foundation to build our tech interfaces as we grow.

Luqman Burhanudin Investment Associate

Luqman has experience in fund management, mainly as an equity researcher. He is working for one of the largest UK- based asset managers, managing over £500bn of assets globally. Having attained a 1st class BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol, his main forte lay within the areas of investing, education, and life-long learning. As a competent public speaker, Luqman is creating important relations in the South East Asia region for the Properteers Group, specifically within the Malaysian community.


Mohammed Farooqui Investment & Deal Structuring

Mohammed is a rare world-class talent in corporate real estate. He has hands on experience in deal making, valuation, pricing and feasibilities on multi-billion-dollar projects through the entire development lifecycle. As an integral advisor and non-executive, Mohammed is working with the executives of the Properteers Group. He is advising on deal making, by structuring and mapping financial road maps for all key stakeholders in our deals. At the same token, he gives us access to his incredible pool of talent at professional and investment level from the middle east and the sub-continent.

Nasser Albalkhi Project Control

A world class project controller, Nasser has over 20 years’ experience in project management and project control at the highest level. He has led mega projects in housing, hospitals, malls and infrastructure projects up to the size of $2 billion. He is an expert in preparing project management plans to ensure projects are delivered to time, budget and quality by devising customised systems of project control. He has established proven systems for ensuring project delivery, He is the embodiment of efficiency and automation, a big advocate of innovation in construction and has built our software for controlling and monitoring our project performance and reporting systems.