The Team

A company is a formation of people. We pride ourselves being an assembly of incredible people and
consequently we attract Tier 1 and World Class calibre of professionals as our friends and allies. Our
criteria of selection are two-fold without compromise: we seek integrity and capability.

Equity Partners

Babrul Matin Chief Executive

Babrul’s career started as a management consultant in education. As a qualified (Ofsted) school inspector, he specialised in turning around failing inner-city schools. He took this experience to international settings before starting his property journey from the purchase of one flat. Organically, through trial and error, his experiences evolved to larger multi-unit commercial developments, attaining a wealth of experience and know-how in the process.

Babrul is regarded as an influencer in the Islamic real estate space and has established an inner circle of key relationships. He has pioneered Islamic frameworks in his development schemes, meeting the needs of a growing community investing in Sharia compliant structures in the western world. He is sought by private and institutional funders from the UK and worldwide, pursuing strategic guidance when investing in property ventures. He is also approached with ongoing opportunities for deals, coaching and public speaking. 

Babrul has built a reputation for being trusted as a result of delivering to promise, attracting ongoing opportunities with both equity and asset owners alike. He has been able to attract and compel major world-class talent to build his current team.

Hassan Miah Chief Technical Officer

Hassan has top-tier professional pedigree in real estate investment and construction for two decades. He has over ten years of experience within local council where he played strategic leadership roles within housing and neighbourhood. He has extensive experiences UK planning law and the construction industry – leading on the build and development on numerous signature projects in the form of four London hotels, Schools and thirty-three residential projects. 

Hassan’s experiences in local authority, planning and construction brings considerable development nous to the Properteers Group board – with his prolific track record, he is an invaluable asset to the team and a source of comfort to our investors. He is known for his people’s skills and in particular being resourceful and creative an accelerating the efficiency of our project delivery programmes, the driving force behind our ‘extreme efficiency’ delivery model.

Adeel Ahmad Strategic Alignment & Major Breakthroughs Officer

Adeel holds over fifteen years of experience in tech, spanning across multiple industries, including FSI.  He has been a major contributor to causing paradigm shifts within industries.  He is an award-winning pioneer in his field. Currently serving as VP, Platform Engineering for a major investment bank.  He is known to cause dynamic disruption in thought-process with a rippling effect across the bank.

A sought-after world-class talent, Adeel is an advocate of cognitive diversity, he brings unique perspectives to the construction industry as a whole.  His experience in applying Agile methodology at an organisational level will change how we operate in real estate development. His vision is to democratise the principles of iteration, fail-fast, exponential growth in velocity at an industry level. Enabling us to be thought-leaders in this space.

Advisory Board

Mohammed Farooqui – Real Estate Investment and Deal Structuring Specialist

Mohammed is a rare world-class talent in corporate real estate. Having begun his career in EY within audit and assurance, he gained experiences in financial reporting, taxation, risk analysis, controls implementation, implementing governance framework and auditing. He then delved into the real estate sector by joining Emaar Properties, one of the world’s largest real estate development and asset management companies. Within the development and investment departments, he attained hands on experience in deal making, valuation, pricing and feasibilities on multi-billion-dollar projects through the entire development lifecycle. Moving on to Jabal Omar Development Company, the largest listed real estate company in KSA, he forayed into managing one of the most high-value and complex developments in the world, enhancing his knowhow of retail and hospitality asset management in the process. He then re-joined the strategy and transaction team at EY to advise on major projects across KSA. His experience widened to cover concept development, turnaround strategies, capital restructuring, complex valuations and market penetration strategies. Presently, he is working within the partnerships department of the real estate subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund. He is an important leader in deal making for various SPV structures in land leases and land sales.

As an integral advisor and non-executive, Mohammed is working with the executives of the Properteers Group. He is advising on deal making, by structuring and mapping financial road maps for all key stakeholders in our deals. At the same token, he gives us access to his incredible pool of talent at professional and investment level from the middle east and the sub-continent.

Jabal Tariq – Design & Regeneration

Tariq is focused on growing the Properteers Group platform across the UK through creating new neighbourhoods that are changing the way we live. Tariq has over 15 years’ experience in the built environment industry in both the residential and commercial sectors, with a particular interest in regeneration and design. His area of expertise is generating asset value through creating places where people want to live, work and visit. Tariq’s design intelligence has been applied to a wide mix of development schemes and public realm projects spread geographically across the UK and at various stages of design, construction and mobilisation.

His passion in placemaking, allows him to pay particular attention to the physical, cultural and social identities that define a place and he is always looking for new modes of thinking that can disrupt the complexity of the social, economic and environmental challenges that exist around them, in order for them to become great places where communities thrive.

A Net-zero Carbon advocate at heart, Tariq understand the importance of ESG value within an Islamic framework as well as within the housing sector and uses his expertise in design in order to promote wellbeing, creating better environments which meet the needs of communities. He works collaboratively to ensure that experience and knowledge are immersed into all elements of projects, from façade to landscape.

Farid Ahmed

Farid is an ex-PWC Partner and over the past decade has led the establishment of a fast-growing consultancy conglomerate from the UAE. An important long-term strategic partner and friend of the Properteers Group, Farid is forging calculated relationships across the Middle East, Africa and Asian regions for sustained long-term, large-scaled investment infrastructure between his company the Virtus Group and the Properteers Group.  

Anand Pandurangi

Anand is a former advisor to family offices, specialising in oil and gas trade – a veteran of over 30 years’ experience across 40 countries around the world. Anand is hugely charitable and has led large-scale philanthropic endeavours around the world to support the mentally handicapped and developmentally disabled. He is a close friend of the Properteers Group, extending his generosity to support our team in the form of experience and foresight. He is forging strategic alliances with his vast network of associates around the globe in creating win-win partnerships with our Group.

Nasser Albalkhi

A world class project controller, Nasser has 20 over years’ experience in project management and project control at the highest level. He has led mega projects in housing, hospitals, malls and infrastructure projects up to the size of $2 billion.

He is an expert in preparing project management plans to ensure projects are delivered to time, budget and quality by devising customised systems of project control. He has established proven systems for ensuring project delivery, He is the embodiment of efficiency and automation, a big advocate of innovation in construction and has built our software for controlling and monitoring our project performance and reporting systems.

Professional Team

Ashraf – Planning, Design & Quality Implementation

Ashraf is a highly talented member of the Properteers Group and has excellent experience within the education, commercial, and housing sectors. He has extensive experience in project delivery and has successfully completed a range of new build, remodeled and retrofit projects within London and the South East. He is adept at delivering excellent design solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects and his approach is focused around collaboration, quality assurance and attention to detail. He is very successful in dealing with planning authorities including navigating the rigorous procedures involved with listed building applications and for constrained sites.  Ash forges strong working relationships with all project stakeholders and is skillful at managing complex solutions to briefs. In addition to his role at the Properteers Group, Ashraf is also a Chartered Architect and a qualified Party wall surveyor.

Mohammed – Commercial Management, Data Science & Project Control

Mohammed is an experienced quantity surveyor predominantly in the commercial and residential sectors. Having worked on many forms of contract and procurement routes, Mohammed adopts an adaptable approach to the commercial management of projects and welcomes new thinking with regard to the securing of financial agreement and subcontractor procurement to give best value. Mohamed is experienced in putting in place a clear reporting protocol which keeps all stakeholders informed throughout the project lifespan. He is playing a pivotal role for the Properteers Group in establishing data science collection and reporting infrastructure to allow the principles of fail fast, agile methodology and extreme efficiency to be implement across all of our project and improve from project to project.

Tula – Investment Associate

Tula is a leading educator of Economics and Business, he has senior school leadership experiences spanning across different continents. Having spent a significant proportion of his career in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Tula has established a portfolio of international investment contacts. As an experienced investor and entrepreneur, over time he has honed his skills in sales and raising finance.

Tula’s mission is to make the world a better place by making a positive difference in to the lives of people via education, financial literacy, financial freedom and investing wisely.

Tahmid Marketing Strategist

Tahmid is a branding and storytelling specialist with extensive experience in copywriting, researching and producing media innovations for impact. For the past decade he has honed his craft within the creative industry, leading work with large international brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Nike and the Virgin Group amongst many others. Tahmid is a valuable asset to the Properteers Group, and is a hidden-gem within our inner circle to materialise impact and efficiency in our sales and marketing activities.

Rahat – Full Stack Web Developer

Rahat has single-handedly built the Properteers website, for which we have received accolades from an international audience. He has worked across a variety of environments, including large corporate companies, design agencies and freelancing, gaining a range of skills in website and digital development in each role. Rahat is a technically gifted developer and has strong command of the core frontend languages and has established fundamental web development skills – giving us a strong foundation to build our tech interfaces as we grow.

Hughie – Senior Site Management 

Hughie is a senior industry professional with a core background in groundwork and building structures. He has over 30 years of frontline experience in construction and constriction management, and is a important component of upholding high standards in the quality of our build schemes, whilst maintaining speed and efficiency in line with our ambitious targets. 

Luqman – Investment Associate

Luqman has experience in fund management, mainly as an equity researcher. He is working for one of the largest UK-based asset managers, managing over £500bn of assets globally. Having attained 1st class BSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol, his main forte lay within the areas of investing, education, and life-long learning. As a competent public speaker, Luqman is creating important relations in the South East Asia region for the Properteers Group, specifically within the Malaysian community.

Aizuddin – Investment Associate

As a former professional football player, Aizuddin’s football career begun at Arsenal Football Club where he trained with first team players such as Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole, Edu and many more. After spending nearly 6 years at Arsenal, in 2005 he left to play for Keflavik football club in Iceland. Whilst playing at this level, he had met the likes of Jürgen Klopp, culminating in the opportunity to represent his country, the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Aizudin’s football career ended prematurely due to persistent injuries, and has since started investing with the Properteers Group. As a part of the team, he is leveraging his influence over his strong network and is forging strategic mutually beneficial alliances.